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Posted by Nitin Pai
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December 29th, 2008

I have a security related issue. When the user run a (any type)process, process is showing success. But for some processes (All type of processes SQR, AE, Scheduled Jobs etc) process log displaying a message “You are not authorized to run process type SQR Report and process name XXXXX.”
I analyzed the process for 30 days. Problem was not there at initial stages. Also, I analyzed the SQR process ‘XXXXX’ for last 30 days. I observed that SQR process ‘XXXXX’ went to error first time around 15 days back for a user ‘AAAAA’ and the error was “You are not authorized to run process type SQR Report and process name XXXXX” which is same as above log message. From this point other process also getting above log message.
What is the reason for this problem and what’s the solution?

Thanks for posting your question!

§ Check the Process Group permissions for the processes where you are observing the error. It is possible that there were some changes to the users profile and the user no longer has access to these processes.

§ Try deleting process scheduler cache if there were no changes to user or process security

Additional information requested:

§ Is the process going to error when you get the message?

§ Is only one user getting this error or other users also generate the same error/log message?

§ Was process scheduler recently reconfigured?

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Senthil Theagarajan

Nitin Pai

Comments (3)

Raj - February 24th, 2009

Hi, Ensure you have selectd the server name for the process. It fixed for me. Raj

BNRao - January 2nd, 2009

Hello, in peoplesoft CRM9, I have a requirement.system should not allow to save a customer without contact.request your help on how to go about this. thanks, bnrao

Paul Van Lankvelt - December 30th, 2008

Hello, I have some union dues calculations that PeopleSoft will only handle in each employee's General Deduction Data page or a Special Deduction Calculation. The first will be high maintenance whenever payrate changes and the second requires custom changes to cobol. Hourly rate * 2.5 = Union Deduction This one is for United Steelworkers: Hourly rate * .6461 = A Gross * 1.45 = B Hours * .02 = C If A < B A + C = Union Deduction Else B + C = Union Deduction End-if I was leaning toward doing it in SQR. Any advise or code samples available?

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