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Posted by Nitin Pai
December 15th, 2008
What are the options provided by PeopleSoft for Item Security ? Is it possible to restrict a list of items to a group of users ? Example : Only IT dept users should be able to place a Requisition /


for “Mainframe Server” .. Appreciate your answers.

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In the requester setup you can define the Products that can be requested by a particular requester.

Following are the steps

a)       You need to classify the items into groups.

b)       These groups you need to attach to the requester.

Now the requester will be able to request only those items which are in the assigned groups.


Gautam Subhedar

I would like to know if the current PeopleSoft GL Version 8.8 provides an audit trail of the userid who posted a journal.

Thanks for posting your question!

The Journals in PS GL can be posted through online or by the post process (ex GLPPOST).

The LASTUPDOPRID on the JRNL_HEADER table gives you the last user who has posted the Journal (irrespective of the fact that if the Journal post was created by online or through process). The PS_JRNL_LN table has the process instance number if it was posted through the process. By querying the PSPRCSRQST for this process instance we can identify the process name and the OPRID that ran the process.  But one caveat is that, it only stores the LASTUPDOPRID information and not the trail of users who manipulated the Journals. For ex if a Journal is Un posted both the Posted and Un posted Journal have the same LASTUPDOPRID.


Rajkumar Sundaramoorthi

Gayathri Kalyanam K

Rama Datta

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