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Posted by Nitin Pai
December 3rd, 2008


The SQR Reports that have Chart Data fail to run in the Process Scheduler. The reason is shows is that ” a creating function called in ‘GRAFCAP’ doesn’t exist. The same report when run on a Win System using SQRW runs fine. Can you please identify the issue?

Note: Ive searched the net, all i could find was a reference to a file called LIBSTI.INI file. They have specified where to place it on a Win System. but i require the location for it on a UNIX.

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Running an SQR report that should display a graph. After running the following error is shown:

Error on line 2991:

(SQR 6464) A function called from the shared library specified in the

grafcap file could not be found.

Also, running delivered bar100.sqr and sqrpie.sqr would fail with the same message.


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Libsti.a needs to be in the path.

In this case, adding ‘$PS_HOME/bin/sqr/ORA/lib’ to the PATH variable resolved the problem. Afterwards, ran the sample ‘bar100.sqr’ and was able to view the bar graph successfully.


Gautam Subhedar

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