Posted by Nitin Pai
November 20th, 2008

Hello I want to know if I can add a benefit “Plan type”. If so how do I do that? and I want to know which PeopleSoft contains Plan type information including description etc. Also, can u explain what is meant by translate values?

Thanks for posting your question!

The navigation path for the benefit plan type is

Setup HRMS > Product Related > Base Benefits > Plans and Providers > Benefit Plan

Record for the benefit plan type is BENEF_PLAN_TBL

Translate Values:

As the word says, it basically translates to a full description. For example, consider the values stored in RUNSTATUS field in PSPRCSRQST (process scheduler request table). If you query the values in this field then it will have numeric values. This will not make immediate sense unless you look at what these translate into.

So lookup the field RUNSTATUS in Application Designer and click on properties button. Navigate to the Translate Values tab to interpret the translation. These are stored in PeopleTools table PSXLATITEM.


SasiKumar Madhavan M S

Nitin Pai

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