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Posted by Nitin Pai
November 13th, 2008


I need a help for SQR Charts.

I would like to replicate a Chart which is of type xy-scatter in Microsoft Excel. SQR also supports the same type. But, my X-axis data is Date type. xy-scatter-plot in SQR accepts only numeric values. What kind of Chart we can use instead? (to replicate some numbers in Y-axis for the dates in X-axis)What are all the parameters available for Charts? If known,Please reply.


Thanks for posting your question!

XY Scatter charts are specifically used to comparing numeric values. Depending on what you are trying to plot, consider using line chart (which is the closest to XY Scatter though there is a difference in its objectives). Line charts are used to display continuous data over time so this might be something you can consider.

Some additional details on chart parameters:

Arrays are used to create graphics in SQR. SQR provides two rather complex commands for creating charts in a report:declare-chart and print-chart.

To add a business chart to an SQR report, there is a basic three-step approach that PeopleSoft outlines in their Developer

Parameters for declare-chart and print-chart are available in PeopleBooks > Enterprise PeopleTools 8.46 PeopleBook: SQR Language Reference for PeopleSoft > SQR Command Reference

Please let us know if you have additional questions and we will appreciate your feedback on this response.


Nitin Pai

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