Posted by Nitin Pai
November 11th, 2008

Hi Experts,

I just want a clarification regarding the ROWSELECT peoplecode event.

What i believe is ROWSELECT event is used to filter the rows in search page,but it is not working like that.

i have two field in a record(emp_rec)

1)EMP_NO — search key


it consits of following data.

1)101 bhaskar

2)102 sunil

3)103 raju

4)104 ramesh

when i press the search key it will displays





but i am trying to hide emp_no 101 from the search page.

if EMP_REC.EMP_NO = 101 then



but it is not working.what to complete this task by using only ROWSELECT not by VIEWS.

Thanks & Regards

Bhaskar Rao

Thanks for posting your question!


§ The RowSelect event is initiated at the beginning of the component build process in any of the update action modes (Update, Update/Display All, Correction).

§ PeopleSoft applications rarely use RowSelect, because it’s inefficient to filter out rows of data after they’ve already been selected

§ This event is used to filter data loaded into a scroll level.

So this event will not be triggered on the search page. On a search page the sequence is as shown below.

SearchInit > SearchSave > RowSelect (after you click Ok on Search Page and only for scroll level)

Hope this clarifies your question.

Note. Instead of using row select processing, it is more efficient to filter out the rows using a search view, an effective-dated record, the Select method, or ScrollSelect or a related function, before the rows are sent to the browser.


Nitin Pai

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