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Posted by Nitin Pai
November 10th, 2008
Hi While using my test system mistakenly i deleted the Time and Labour link from the Structure and content page , (navigation: Main menu > peopletools > portal > structure and content ) is there any way to restore the link. I am working in Employee portal and using local node.

Please help thank u.

Ankit Shah

Thanks for posting your question!

1. Open Application Designer in you Development Environment

2. Insert Portal registry Structures

a. Select portal name as “Employee”

b. Select Object Name as “HC_TIME_AND_LABOR1”

c. Select “Include Children”, “Include HTML” and “Include Templates”

3. Compare and copy project to Test environment.


Nitin Pai


I’m working on uploading vouchers into PS System from spreadsheet using the delivered ExcelUploadforVoucher.xls functionality which uploads the data into the staging tables PS_VCHR_HDR_STG, PS_VCHR_LINE_STG, and PS_VCHR_DIST_STG using the IB Message VOUCHER_BUILD and then into the original tables PS_VOUCHER, PS_VOUCHER_LINE, and PS_DISTRIB_LINE using the AE process AP_VCHRBLD.

Now the requirement is to restrict the voucher to upload if the PS_VCHR_HDR_STG.GRP_AP_ID (Control Group Id) value is not preapproved.Its required to compare PS_VCHR_HDR_STG.GRP_AP_ID value with the PS_GRP_AP.GRP_AP_ID value .

I am not able to figure out where to write code for this.And how to maintain the error log if control group id is not pre-approved so that user can correct it using link:

Account Payable–>Vouchers–>Maintain–>Voucher Build Error Detail

Please help me.

Thanks & Regards

Thanks for posting your question!

This is a PeopleSoft delivered issue. I have found a fix for PeopleSoft 8.9 in bundle 25. Here are the details.


Voucher Build not checking for Control Group ID in XML Invoices

We modified the Voucher Build Application Engine program to validate if a control group exists on voucher transactions when the user must enter vouchers in groups as defined in their user preferences.

Please check customer connection for your relevant release. You do not have to make any customization for delivered AE in this case.


Nitin Pai


I am working on PT846 on XP system and want to call OS command in the SQR program.
For example:
call system ‘CMD.EXE /c mountvol|find “:\” > D:\temp\driver.txt’ #sts WAIT
The #sts always returned as 1.
If I remove the WAIT option,
For example:
call system ‘CMD.EXE /c mountvol|find “:\” > D:\temp\driver.txt’ #sts
#sts returned as zero, but the following process will find that the driver.txt is created without any word.
It seems that the call system command can not use WAIT option on NT server. Why this happened? Do I use the command correctly?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks for posting your question!

Here is a working example:


Let $cmd = ‘CMD.EXE /c mountvol | find “:\” > n:\temp\npai\test.txt’

call system using $cmd #sts




Nitin Pai

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