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Posted by Nitin Pai
October 10th, 2008

Hi, I am working on PS 9.0 version. I have created a department tree and also a security set for business unit with respective access types. I just wanted to know if we can combine security by department tree and security by permission list( for business unit or location)?

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You can use the same permission list as a row security permission list (Security by DEPT Tree) and a role-based permission list (Security by PL) by adding it to both the Security by Dept Tree component and Security by Permission List component and then adding them to the user on the User Profile – General page and by way of roles.

Please refer “PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS 9.0 Application Fundamentals PeopleBook” – section “Setting Up and Administering HRMS Security” for more details.


Rajkumar Sundaramoorthi

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