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Posted by Nitin Pai
September 15th, 2008

I have a requirement in Excel to CI utility.
In case of error in uploading any of the record to staging table,no record should get updated to staging table and error row should get highlited in excel.
Please tell how this can be done and in what ways is this possible??

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On the first page of the utility, you have the chunking factor and error threshold. Just put the value of these 2 as 1. Chunking factor means, how many rows should the utility process at a time. If you select 1 then it will take 1 row at a time. Error threshold means the max no. of errors, the utility should handle. Now if the value of these 2 is 1 then it will take 1 row at a time and since error threshold is 1, as soon as the utility will get an error, it will stop the processing. For more details of these 2 values, just put the cursor on these 2 fields and you will get the detailed description. This will work, the way you want.


Shekar Goel

Dear Guru’s,

Please clarify the following queries
1. I like to know the default noticifcation mails can be changed
2. Leave Travel Allowance module is available in Peoplsoft (India), if so how to use the same.


Thanks for posting your question!

  1. Yes the default notification mails can be changed. The option is available under Workflow->Notification->Generic Templates. There are PS delivered notification mail templates such as “Hire Notification template”, “Pending Approval Notification” etc. are available under this sections and can be changed per user needs.
  2. Leave Travel Allowance module is available in Peoplesoft. More information on setting up, using the same can be obtained from PeopleSoft Enterprise Global Payroll for India PeopleBook


Rajkumar Sundaramoorthi

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