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Posted by Nitin Pai
August 29th, 2008

I am new to peoplesoft and would like to seek your help. I am having problems using OPRID as a required key fields in my parent and child records. I am using OPRID and RUN_CNTL_ID as required keys in both of my parent and child records. As i go into my run control page. The child RUN_CONTROL_ID is performing normally by having the same value as the parent RUN_CONTROL_ID. The problem is at OPRID, It wont load the content to my child record where it’s at only level1. I have already set the configurations of child/parent-OPRID with the configurations of child/parent-RUN_CONTROL_ID so that both would run normally the same as RUN_CNTL_ID does. but it wont!!! I know OPRID is a system function that returns a value. how will I be able to get the same value as my parent record had in my child record for OPRID.

Thanks for posting your question!

While designing Run control records just ensure the following :

On your parent Record ensure both Oprid and Run Control id is included as key and required fields and only Run Control Id is the search key and list box item  (Oprid is automatically populated as the user id).

On your child record also ensure both Oprid and Run Control id is included as key and required fields and also include  one or more key fields for the child record
on the field default event of the Oprid field  – add the peoplecode Child Recordname.OPRID = %OperatorId;

While designing the Run control page ensure the following :

Include the PRCSRUNCNTL_SBP which has the Run control Id field and the Report Manager and Process monitor field included (should be at level 0 )

Include any other fields form the parent record in the page

Drag and drop a scroll .

Within the scroll, include the additional key and non key fields form the child record

Go to the order tab of the page in app designer and ensure the sub page and the parent record fields are in level 0 and child record fields are in level 1

Based on this design, the oprid was able to be successfully carried to the child record in our run control tables.


Nisha Chandy

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