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Posted by Nitin Pai
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August 18th, 2008

Could you help me how to setup routing approval in MSS.
for example i want to transfer an employee and this request must go through 3 level approval like below:

Level 2 –> ROLE_MOR

Can PeopleSoft vanilla setting routing approval like that? if yes please you guidance.

Thanks for posting your question!

For HRMS Version 9.0:-

This can be done by configuring the Approval Process Definition for MSS Transactions.

Main Menu > Set Up HRMS > Common Definitions > Approvals >>

  1. Register Transaction      –           Used to Register a MSS Transaction details like Component, Transaction Record and Transaction related Business Logic details
  2. Configure Transaction     –           Used to configure the Workflow details for each and every events(Approve/Deny) that occur during this transaction
  3. Process Definition Setup –          Used to capture the Approval Paths and their Users list details.

For example, for a delivered Transaction like Transfer Employee, as of now in 9.0. We have one Step (Step is nothing but Level) Approval Process Definition. Based on the requirements, we can create one more Process Definition Ids with 3 Steps

For HRMS Version below 9.0:-

This can be achieved by creating Approval Rule Sets for the MSS Transaction through Application Designer.

While Creating Approval Rule Sets, we need to specify the below details

  1. Route to Role Detail
  2. Step and Path Details
  3. Rule Details.This is decided by Route Control or by SQL


Kannappan K.

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Subhransu Mishra - January 7th, 2011

Hi, I am going to deploy PeopleSoft Portal 9.1 Security and am wondering if there is any template document on Portal Security. I am also planning to implement Dynamic Role Sync between HCM 9.1 and Portal 9.1 as far as users and their profiles in HCM to synchronize with Portal and so am looking for methodologies etc to do it. Please let me know where I can get/download such documents. If you have any such documents, please email them to me. I would really appreciate your help on this. Thanks much.

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