Posted by Nitin Pai
August 8th, 2008

my problem is on sqr. i don’t know how to test dynamic where clause in sqr. can you please help me

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Dynamic where clause is tested by the below steps-

1. Assign all the dynamic Where Clause Criteria’s to a Variable $var

2. Verify the variable value by using SHOW Command

3. Finally call the procedure to execute BEGIN-SQL/BEGIN_SELECT command by using Square Brackets to variable like this [$var]


Kannappan K.

Actually I already created the CI but the problem is I don’t have idea to insert multiple rows in a child record (scroll Leve).

What ever I have created that is working fine to add one row in parent level and Child level.
From people books I came to know that we can insert child rows by using insertitem() function but dont know how to use this? in above example for first three rows ‘bunit’ will go to Zero level and remaining values goes to scroll level.

Can you please explain me how to put this locgic in CI?


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Rama, you do not have to put that logic exclusively in CI. Open any peoplecode event and then drag and drop your CI in that event. It will generate the code automatically for you to create, and save the CI.


I’m looking into creating a custom connector for Integration Broker that uses sftp to transfer files to a remote server. The remote server is not able to handle the XML wrapper, they want just a plain text file. Has anyone used the ability to create custom connectors in IB? Do you think that this would be a possibility?

Posted by: Bradley Westvig

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PS delivers “Peoplesoft IB Connector SDK” to build and implement custom connectors for various communication formats and requirements. PS also delivers pre-built Listening as well as Target connectors such as HTTP, JMS and FTP etc. More detail and direction can be found on developing and implementing custom connectors in “PeopleTools-PeopleBook – Integration Broker (Using the Integration Broker Connector SDK)”.

Additional thoughts:

§ The delivered connector ID for normal FTP target connector is FTPTARGET and Peoplesoft does support secure communication with FTP servers using FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS).

§ You can explore other possibility of using the XSLT transformation in IB instead of custom connector.


Rajkumar Sundaramoorthi

Sachin Deshmukh

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