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September 30th, 2009

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Rama Krishna – Submitted on 2009/09/21 at 1:36pm

I am looking for Archiving of old data in peoplesoft. Did Peoplesoft Data Archive Manage is good or not? Which is the best way to Archive and how to use? I am very new to Archiving. Any inputs regarding the same will be appreciated.

Analysis for the Peoplesoft Data Archiving

It depends on what are you trying to achieve. Are you trying to archive old data for reducing database storage? I assume so. If then, as per my knowledge, for database archiving, our customers do not use Peoplesoft Archive Manager for many reasons because the historical data is stored inside the same Peoplesoft Database.

Assuming that you are planning to archive old data to free up space and gain more performance, there are other options. The industry leading Enterprise Data Management solutions are with IBM’s Optim or HP’s DBArchive. As per my knowledge both supports Peoplesoft Database along with Upgrades. Please check their respective product websites.

One important thing to remember is what will happen to the archived data during the application upgrade. While archiving historical data, we should make sure we will be able to upgrade them as part of the Peoplesoft upgrade. Also, it should free up storage costs to minimize the cost for the customers…

Vijay Chinnasamy

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vidhya - November 30th, 2010

Hi Vijaykumar, I am trying to archive the Peoplesoft Payroll interface tables PS_PI_PARTIC and PS_PI_PARTIC_EXPT tables.The main aim is to decrease the cobol processing time of the PInterface.I am planning to use the data archive manager for the there any other method by which this can be achived in an effective way. Also i know that we need to run the full employee run once the PI tables are archived ,so that the next payroll interface run captures the changes there any other option for this as well? Please suggest Vidhya

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