I have created a permission list and included 4 components from the Menu into it. After assigning role to user, user can access all 4 components and its pages.  After sometime I marked one more component as “Authorized” in the “Edit Pages” link (has only one page) in the same permission list.
But user is getting error like “You are not authorized for this page.
Can you please explain me why this error message is coming??

Thanks for posting your question!

These are the steps you will have to follow further to avoid the error:

a)      Go to Peopletools > Portal > Structure and Content. (Navigate to your component)

b)      Go to security tab

c)       Change the security to public(makes all permission list to go) and now again Permission List access (making all permission list to reappear).

d)      Save the page

e)      Check if the Permission list is shown after the save..

f)       Now sign-out and delete the application server and browser cache.

g)      Try login again and access the page.

Gautam Subhedar

Posted by Nitin Pai
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February 17th, 2009

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