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Posted by Senthil Kumar Theagarajan
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March 1st, 2010


Hi..I would like to install peoplesoft in my personal comp. Could you please tell how should I go about doing it.

I came accross the site providing the files for downloading and installation of peoplesoft.But if somebody could guide me on which files are mandatory and can i install only peopletools first the HRMS/CRM package type necessary to be installed.

And I already have oracle 10g installed on my pc.Should I still download the files related to oracle database from the site.

Thank you for posting your question
Answer –

I’ll assume that you are installing the latest PeopleSoft versions (Eg: HRMS 9.1/PeopleTools 8.50) for the purpose of learning.

Download and go through the detailed Installation guide, HW/SW requirements for PeopleTools 8.50 and HRMS 9.1 from this location:
From the edelivery site, you can download the PeopleTools 8.50 Media Pack and HRMS 9.1 Media pack for your OS Platform.

Demo license codes can be obtained here:

If you have Oracle 10g software already installed, then you just need to follow the instructions in the installation guide for creating the PeopleSoft Database.

Charles Praveen Janarthanan

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ankit - November 20th, 2010

Companies Wont Hire Me Till I am a Fresher, A fresher would not turn experienced till he gets hired,,,What should I do,,, please advice and help (I am a Peoplesoft HRMS Functional Aspirant) Hello, I would be highly grateful if you can please assist me in installing PeopleSoft HRMS onto my personal computer as I am new to PeopleSoft ERP and have undergone some training on few modules (GP, Core HR, Recruiting Solutions) and hence I want to practice it more and I don't have access to the training instance anymore and don't know how to- from where to get the installation done, dummy data etc. Please please help me out, And I would also appreciate If you can brief me about the scope for a fresher in the Indian Software Market for PeopleSoft HRMS -Functional, as each and every company is looking for experienced consultants and how would any fresher get into it if they dont give a single chance to us.

vinay - July 15th, 2010

How to create a record using application designer without getting ' PS_' as the prefix for the table name ?

WS - June 14th, 2010

Each scroll level can have only one primary scroll record.But if there are more than one scroll in a level, then what records will be used in these scroll/grid?

Sugantharaj - March 16th, 2010

HI i want to give password for the PDF file generated by SQR? Plese tell me the ways

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