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March 1st, 2010

Ravi Jain
How to design / create Parallel Processing AE for Data Import ??

We have to import millions of customer information from legacy system into PeopleSoft CRM. We have developed an AE which uses delivered Application Packages to do that. However, it requires 4.5 days to import 3.2 lac customer info.

1. How to develop an AE, multiple instances of which will import data in Parallel, thus reducing the import time ?
2. What will be impact (or likelyhood of deadlocks) if all the instances insert / update data for same set of records ?

Environment Details:
CRM 9.00, PeopleTools 8.49
DB: Oracle 10g Enterprise on AIX 6.1 (4 dual core Xeon / 8 GB RAM) App Server: Windows 2003 Enterprise

Thank you for posting your question. Answer to your second question is –

To release the deadlocks, you can use commitwork() and collectgarbage() after processing each set of data, (say count=10000 rows) in Application Engine peoplecode.

Nithya R

Sri Lakshmi
I am using PT_WF_NOTIFICATION to send mail.In mail some part of text should be displayed as BOLD. I have used html tags but these are displayed in the mail.How to print text in bold?
I am using message catalog to display part of message.

Thank you for posting your question
Answer –

Most Possible reason is email is being sent as Text, that’s the reason HTML tag are not accepted.

In the application package PT_WF_NOTIFICATION, for the notification class there is a property called ContentType which should initialized if HTML tag are going to used.

Please refer peoplebook for sendmail function; code for content type is:

Content_Type = “Content-type: text/html; charset=utf8”

Akash Awadhiya

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ajith - July 12th, 2011

Hi All, We are currently using peoplesoft finance and hrms 8.8 with pt 8.45 and sql server 2000 as our db.We are planning to upgrade the db to sql server 2008.So now is it really neccessary to upgrade peopletools and application.Pls educate me.. Thanks in Advance, Ajith

raj - August 19th, 2010

When i trigger an process to run - Its taking for a while to go to Queued/Initiated and then Processing status. what are the factors that process scheduler uses/references/depends on - for kicking any process.

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