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Posted by Senthil Kumar Theagarajan
February 7th, 2010

anu radha
can anyone plz help with of how to,Created a process to load one time deductions for payroll using Application engine and component interface

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Please find out the underlying component definition for One time deductions and then create a CI for the same. Now drag and drop this CI into an App Engine so that the code will be generated automatically. In this code you will have to give the filename/ filepath as the name and path of the excel sheet (.csv or if text file, .txt) where you have consolidated One time deductions. You will also have to create a filelayout corresponding to the fields you have included in the excel sheet and create rowset for the same. Then in the code, you will have to give the CI name and involved record names at different levels to create collections to insert data. Also you will have to give the filelayout’s recordname.fieldname value so that you can assign values for different fields in Database.

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Bhaskar :
January 23rd, 2010 at 9:48 pm

Hi Experts,

I have a small design issue.i need to buid a page using a existing record with out adding any fields and not to change any existing key structure.
**we can use any newly created records,views****
existing Record fields :-
1)source — Key
2)Run_dt — Key (MM-DD-YYYY)

design should be user can search based on the year(YYYY).
Add mode user should see two fileds (source,year) and in the below grid he can enter run_dt for that year and can save/update/inser

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For your issue create a view using
a) Source
b) year(part of run date)

(Select distinct Source, year(run_date) from

Mark year as the search key and both source and year as the list, Use this view as search record. Hope this solves the issue.


Gautam S

To add on to the below point,

The Oracle equivalent of “year” function is “Extract”.




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