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Posted by Senthil Kumar Theagarajan
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December 21st, 2009

K. S. Rama Naidu Says:
December 17th, 2009 at 5:03 am

I want to display an image as the background for a mail notification, triggered using SendMail through an Application Engine.

The below method works, but with a problem. Any employee who receives this should be granted access to the image folder on the server, which is impossible (or else he will not be able to see the background image)

&MAIL_TEXT = “{html}{body background=’” | GetURL(URL.ANNIVERSARY_MAIL_IMAGE) | “‘} – – – – –
where, URL.ANNIVERSARY_MAIL_IMAGE = \\a.b.c.d\foldername\imagename.extension

Then I tried the following 2 ways, which i had earlier succesfully used in iScript peoplecode.
Now in AE, I get the error: First Operand of . is NULL

#1) &MAIL_TEXT = “{html}{body background=’” | %Response.GetImageURL(Image.ANN_MAIL_BG) | “‘} – – – – –

#2) &Image_Rec = CreateRecord(Record.ANN_MAIL_IMG); /* Image had been stored in this database table */
&Image_Rec.EFFDT.Value = &EFF_DATE;
&Image_Rec.EFF_STATUS.Value = “A”;
&MAIL_TEXT = “{html}{body background=’” | %Response.GetImageURL(&Image_Rec) | “‘} – – – – –

Please suggest a solution.

Thank you for posting your Question

Solution would be to store the image URL (varies for each instance) in the Database using peoplecode and use the stored URL in Application Engine instead of %Response.

-Nithya R

Vaibhav Ashtekar Says:
December 14th, 2009 at 6:27 am

I am working on delivered CI_JOB_DATA in HRMS 8.8. When I dragged the delivered CI in to an App Eng and tried to validate, it gives an error for “End-For”. On further investigation, I found that “End-For” is not generated in the peoplecode for JOB_JR and COMPENSATION collection which is expected. After adding the “End-For” peoplecode work fine for this CI code.
I tried the same in HRMS 8.9,9.0 instances and got the same error.
Is this the PeopleSoft bug?
Thanks in advance.

Thank you for posting your Question

The End-for for the collections you have mentioned is correct it is required but not generated. May be we need to ask PeopleSoft for a resolution, but a developer can easily understand that the End-For is required at certain collections which is missing.

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Ranjith - September 15th, 2010

I have changed the length of a PS delivered field definition (DESCR). Which now showing the impact in the production. 1.Changed the DESCR length from 30 to 90 (I increased it). 2.Then i Builded(alter) a single record ACCOMP_TBL 3. Uploaded the data. After this is done where ever the DESCR field is used as a prompt table, it throws error. When i click the prompt lens it displays the set of values, but if i select a value when the page reloads with that value it throws error as "Invalid value -- press the prompt button or hyperlink for a list of valid values(15,11)" I even deleted the uploaded data and revoked the length from 90 to 30 and builded (altered) the same accomp table but no use. Still the error is same. When i did the same in the developer instance it had no impact. But when i moved to production i received this error. infos : Tools Release 8.44 Application Release HRMS Browser IE/7.0 Operating System WINNT Browser Compression ON (gzip) Service Pack 0 Page HX_LIC_UPD_SEC Component HX_LIC_UPD Menu HX_EPROFILE I am new to people soft. Please help me on this.

Sugantharaj - July 27th, 2010

Module:HCM Hi I want to change of effdt of action in back end.wat are the tables needs to be updated .???

Sri Lakshmi - February 25th, 2010

Hi, I am using PT_WF_NOTIFICATION to send mail. In mail some part of text should be displayed as BOLD. I have used html tags but these are displayed in the mail.How to print text in bold? I am using message catalog to display part of message. Thanks in advance

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