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Posted by Senthil Kumar Theagarajan
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December 17th, 2009

Mohul , November 25th, 2009 at 5:13 am

How to execute an external software(exe) from peoplesoft.The s/w is intalled on anothe system which is in network (but not on PS server).It is able to run from Command Prompt but not with PS Exec function.


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For Running an external software :

1)      Since the software is installed on an external system, we need to map the network drive and give absolute path to run the command (or)

2)      Create a batch file (which runs the same way as he is doing it from CMD prompt) and call the batch file from PS. However this option needs to be tested out before posting.

Muralidharan Balarajan

Rama Krishna, September 21st, 2009 at 1:36 pm

I am looking for Archiving of old data in peoplesoft. Did Peoplesoft Data Archive Manage is good or not? Which is the best way to Archive and how to use? I am very new to Archiving. Any inputs regarding the same will be appreciated.


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Peoplesoft offers Data Archive Manager tools for easy archival of Peoplesoft Data.  The following are the features of the PS Archive Manager

–>Integrated and consistent framework for archiving data

–>Uses predefined templates.

–> Archive multiple objects.

–>Leveraging the Archive Query in PeopleSoft Query.

–>Desired commit intervals.

–>Restore simplified

PeopleSoft Data Archive Manager includes the following main elements:

–> Archive object definition

–> Archive query definition

–> Archive template definition

–> Archive job definition

–> Restore query definition

–> Archive auditing

Archive object definition: It is a collection of tables that you archive. The object definition determines how you archive data from a table. Base tables are archived on a user specified query. Non-base tables are archived according to base table

Archive query definition: Need to define a new query as type “Archive” using Query Manager. Archiving is done based on the selection of the query.

Archive template definition: It  integrates Archive object and Query used to archive. One of the archive objects must be a base object. Define the selection Criteria to archive from the base table. No need to define selection criteria for all the dependent records. Specify the AE processes to run before and after the data has been archived.

Archive job definition: Define archive jobs to archive data. First define the archive job information including the Archive Template, Archive Process, and Commit Processing. Submit archive jobs in a batch using the process scheduler. It prompts for run time parameters like bind variables and the query to use.

Archive Audits: Archive of objects can be audited.  It reports about details about past Archive runs, selection Criteria used to archive or delete and also generates Query used to Archive. OPRID wise report can also be generated.

Benefits of Archive Manager:

–>PS Delivered Archive objects and Templates for transaction tables


–>Flexibility of running archive process basing on business needs

–>Minimal technical team help

–>Processing types Selection, Delete from a single Archive process

–>Restoring from archive tables just a click away, no separate code required.

–>Restoring only the set of data archived before.

–>Audit of the Archive processes.

–>No separate archive jobs for child tables, they can be clubbed with master tables and PS will take care of archiving and restore automatically.

There is a thumb rule to assign a record as History Record, history record should have all the fields as base table(archived table) and also it should have subrecord “PSARCHIVE_SBR”.

Madhu Sudhan Rao Srikrishna

Lynn Cermak , July 28th, 2009 at 8:54 am

Tune_ae_data_conversion question: I am going through an 8.4 to 9.0mp5 conversion and encountering the same problem. I am interested to see what tuning changes you did and what specific statements where changed. What index was dropped on which table and which insert had the hint added and which index was re-created.



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For the AE data conversion, (8.4 to 9.0 M5 Upgrade, Question from Lynn Cermark), if they are using AM module, then we need to truncate the DEPR_RPT before hand and regenerate the data later. Otherwise, Group 3 will not run to success and will take lot of time.

Muralidharan Balarajan

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Anil - April 30th, 2010

While testing a Component interface RD_COMPANY_CI_API, I am getting call failed value for alternate search key fields under FindKeyInfoCollection.

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