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December 7th, 2009

I have a xml file with parent child rows



The keyNo in the parent is the key field and I put the Field inheritance on the child table. On using file layout and creating AE from doesn’t load the keyNo field data to child table even though the Field inheritance is set. (same field name in parent and child). The CopyFieldsTo is not copying the like fields. Should the XML child data have the key fields repeated.?

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Yes your XML child data keys should be repeated. It does not take it automatically. See sample code below

import PSXP_XMLGEN:*;

/* Import the Application Package and define the rowset*/

Local Rowset &rs, &full, &rs12, &DUMMY;


Local string &str;

Local integer &k;

&rs = CreateRowset(Record.TEST_RS1);

&full = CreateRowset(Record.TEST_RS, &rs);



For &i = 1 To &full.ActiveRowCount

&DUMMY = &full.GetRow(&i).GetRowset(1);

&k = 1;

For &J = 1 To &rs.ActiveRowCount

If &full.GetRow(&i).TEST_RS.EMPLID.Value = &rs.GetRow(&J).TEST_RS1.EMPLID.Value Then

&DUMMY.GetRow(&k).TEST_RS1.EMPLID.Value = &rs.GetRow(&J).TEST_RS1.EMPLID.Value;

&DUMMY.GetRow(&k).TEST_RS1.EFFDT.Value = &rs.GetRow(&J).TEST_RS1.EFFDT.Value;

&DUMMY.GetRow(&k).TEST_RS1.DESCR.Value = &rs.GetRow(&J).TEST_RS1.DESCR.Value;


&k = &k + 1;




Rahyul Bagade
I am configuring E-Learning module in Peoplesoft HRMS production (Tools Version 8.42 & App version 8.8). While employee Submit his request/nominate himself for perticular course I am getting error
“Invalid Row No -1 for class rowset method getrow at FUNCLIB_CO.REPORTS_TO.FieldFormula ReportsToByAccessType PCPC 7979″

Can you please tell me what thing I am missing in setup?

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This error should be related with the approval functions. May be the employee supervisor is not configured properly in Job data or the supervisor is not active etc. Also you need to check the Direct reportees setup in Setup HRMS > Common Definition > Direct reports for Managers. In this we have the TRN_REQUEST_LNK component which will refer this part.

Is it possible to use “In List” in the Query using Query Viewer Dynamically. If Not, Kindly suggest if there is any other alternative to achieve the “In List” Criteria in the Query Dynamically

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The In List cannot be a dynamic prompt, instead you can use this In List with a subquery which can give dynamic values to the list. The Subquery can be built in such a way that you group the values of the IN List with some criteria which can be selected using prompt.

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Ara - December 31st, 2010

Hello, It is about Post on topic "Oracle's Peoplesoft and Microsoft's Sharepoint Integration (MOSS2007 & Peoplesoft HCM 9.0 Integration) by Pon ArunKumar Ramalingam on September " I want integrate MOSS 2007 with PeopleSoft. I want to peroform both read and write into peoplesoft.What will be the best approach for integration. Also plz tell me ..How can i enable the SSO in this case Thanks In Advance

Venkat - March 28th, 2010

Hi, You guys are doing good job here for the PeopleSoft. i hope you will anser for my question. What is career future will be in Peoplesoft? Which area is safer side of Peoplesoft, Functional or technical ? Thanks in advance

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