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Posted by Senthil Kumar Theagarajan
December 3rd, 2009

Can Anyone let me know the equivalent of %UpdateStats in peoplecode. I know %UpdateStats can be used for object type SQL.

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%updateStats is used to update Index table (database table) which stores key row (Like ROWID, INDEXFIELD DATA) information. Once you execute above statement your table & system table are sync. By above command index in query works properly and fetches data faster.
Thanks, Akash

Can any one help me
How to Incorporated workflow notifications in Application Engine programs

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Its simply create Component Interface and call that CI in your Application engine. Once you do save your workflow notifications will be triggered.
Thanks, Akash

Srini A
Is it possible to redirect the user to an external website on clicking a hyperlink on a PeopleSoft page? Also this redirect has to happen as a http form post while passing some parameters. I’m trying to use an IScript for this purpose and here’s the code for it. But the onload function is not working and control remains in PeopleSoft. Can an expert help?

function firstrun()
return false;

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OnLoad will not work properly as during execution/call of your function HTML object is not created. You will have to call your attachevent function once page is completely load means at the end.

Also, to open it new window set target=new it’s a form tag

document.forms[0]. target=new
Thanks, Akash

K. S. Rama Naidu
I want to know why the events are ordered in this way:

1. SavePreChange
2. Workflow <>
3. SavePostChange <>

My SavePostChange Code is resulting in error. The Data is getting rolled-back. But, my Workflow code triggers the mail ! which should not happen when transaction fails, right?

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PeopleSoft gives us option to validate all business rules before saving data into the database which can be written in SavePreChange. Now, since all your data’s are saved WorkFlow event is triggered to inform about the activity in the current transaction.

If there is any SavePostChange you have to handle it first, in SavePreChange. There is no way you can rollback it. You have 3 options, 1) validate every scenario in SavePreChange, 2) Don’t use Workflow instead can use AAF (Active Analytic Framework) 3) Use by CI trigger the workflow event in SavePostChange once all your data is saved.
Thanks, Akash

how can we retrive a particular data from dropdown field values by peoplecode?do we have any functions like for it like we have AddDropDownItem ?

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Just use Record.Field.Value; it will give you value, if it’s in scroll/grid then use the you get it by using the scroll path.
Thanks, Akash

How to display the date in the peticyular format in the CSV file. Because user want date in ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ format but once i will generate the CSV using AE then it will be displayed as default excel format please hepl on the same.

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Store it as text format instead of Date; just concanet  ‘ in front of your data for each row. Now excel will not change the format.
Thanks, Akash

In CRM 8.99 (PT 8.48), we are required to develop a page to capture the History of Changes in a Customized page very similar to that for Lead / Opportunity in Sales.Can any one pls help me on this?

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You can use Audit record which will work fine it field being is being change in component buffer. Else if its being changed by PeopleCode or explicit update/ insert are being done then you will have to maintain it.
Thanks, Akash

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