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August 30th, 2008

Question :

I have been following your site for quite sometime and its great.
Wanted to have a clear idea on the Siebel EMail Response module.

I did go through the bookshelf which gives a very good idea but still wanted to know if there are some practical implementation done.

Requirement is that a service request or an activity needs to be created from an email.

Thanks for ur time.Vamsi

Response :

From what i understand of your requirement, please find the following reply to your query. Once the email is triggered using the Outbound Communication Manager BS, an activity gets generated as per the Siebel vanilla functionality. The activity of Type Email-Inbound or Email-Outbound will get created provided the Email templates, Email server, Outbound Communication Manager component is configured properly.

If one wants to generate customized activity / SR post the email is triggered, then e-scripts or VB scripts have to be used. For e.g The email has to be sent to the customer on updation of customer’s demographic info. The e-script written on appropriate event(s) can be called. This code will further invoke an email Workflow (WF). After the WF has been invoked, another chunk of code/Workflow has to be invoked for generating activity / SR by creating a new record in the custom BC.

By Shardul

Comments (5)

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Vamshi - January 22nd, 2009

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