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January 20th, 2012

Business process management (BPM) allows you to continuously adapt your business processes to new business strategies – modeling processes with different users performing different roles and tasks, and optimizing communication between process owners and IT experts. SAP and IDS Scheer offer a comprehensive BPM solution – SAP NetWeaver and ARIS for SAP NetWeaver. This joint application provides essential elements of a closed-loop BPM solution, from design and configuration, to implementation and execution, to evaluation of the overall process.
There are lots of BPM tools available in market, then why should we choose ARIS for modeling our business processes. Here are some of the features and benefits of ARIS which make this tool different from others.

  • ARIS Platform is Highly Scalable and hence complete solution for the Entire Business process Lifecycle – From Web Based Description, analysis, and optimization of business processes and software engineering to SAP Netweaver integration and continuous process controlling.
  • ARIS is not just for SAP NetWeaver. ARIS can be used for all SAP initiatives — to design, implement, and monitor SAP, non-SAP and manual processes in an organization.
  • The system architecture of the ARIS Platform allows globally active companies to set up distributed scenarios for designing, analyzing and optimizing process, IT and software architectures.
  • Business Process Management with SAP NetWeaver and ARIS for SAP NetWeaver provides procedure models, methods, technologies and reference content for modeling, configuring, executing and monitoring these business processes.
  • With ARIS Implementation Platform, gap between business and IT is closed. ARIS for SAP Netweaver helps design the process architecture for SAP Solutions that have been optimally adapted to the company’s business process.
  • Adds functions to SAP NetWeaver for graphically modeling processes at various levels. At the highest level (Process Architecture Model), the process architecture of a company is built from a purely business perspective, that is, without technical details.

User-Friendly Functionality:

ARIS Business Architect and ARIS Business Designer Web Based Solution enable shared, company wide modeling, analysis, and optimization of business processes, as well as IT Architecture set up via the Internet. With its user-friendly functionality that allows even unskilled occasional users to perform modeling. ARIS Business designer quickly paves the path to professional BPM.

Synchronization between ARIS for SAP Netweaver and SAP Solution Manager:

You can use ARIS for SAP NetWeaver as a modeling environment to import predefined process models as reference content from SAP Solution Manager. You can enhance these models and synchronize them with SAP Solution Manager.
Process models and other configuration elements can be exchanged (synchronized) between ARIS for SAP NetWeaver and SAP Solution Manager. In addition to scope information, structural information is also transferred.
The SAP Solution Manager provides you with the relevant SAP reference models. You can create an implementation project using ARIS for SAP NetWeaver and then synchronize it using the SAP Solution Manager. This enables you, for example, to make SAP reference models available in ARIS for SAP NetWeaver, and adapt and enhance them as required. Finally, you can make the implementation project available again in the SAP Solution Manager, where you can then configure the processes and adapt them to your specific system landscape. The SAP Solution Manager also provides you with an extensive range of functions for monitoring your solutions.

Upload of ARIS Processes to SAP XI:

With the ARIS BPEL export, ARIS BPEL models can be transferred to SAP XI. The elements to be exported must be exported from ARIS Business architect for SAP Netweaver. ARIS creates ZIP files, which can be imported into SAP XI.

Interfaces and development of Add-ons:

ARIS UML Designer is included in the Implementation Platform as a tool for;
Developing add-on functions and interfaces during the implementation. With the addition of classic UML methodology to ARIS, a consistent and uniform visual representation of the requirements of the business world can be obtained. The UML models created in ARIS can be sent via XML to other development tools integrated in Eclipse, which are then available as source code or as J2EE software components from ARIS. This means that software developers can work with (UML) data from ARIS directly in the development environment.

Globally Distributed Process Design with ARIS:

The system architecture of the ARIS platform allows globally active companies to set up distributed scenarios for designing, analyzing and optimizing process, IT and software architectures.
Web-based products such as ARIS Business Architect, ARIS Business Designer and ARIS UML Designer access a centrally set up and managed ARIS Business Server from locations around the world via three-tier architecture. These products are designed for use beyond firewall limits, with a very low bandwidth (e.g. ISDN).

Next Generation of BPM: ARIS embedded in SAP NetWeaver:

In the next SAP NetweaverTM release, the design, modeling and model based configuration will take place in a technically integrated solution, a unified modeling environment as part of the ESR in SAP NetWeaver. There, on the basis of a unified metamodel, users will be able to perform various different role-specific tasks in a unified modeling environment.
SAP AG and IDS Scheer AG leverage the strength of their technologies together to cover the whole business process lifecycle. SAP NetWeaver today offers a comprehensive BPM solution that will be enhanced in future releases providing a unified modeling environment and a powerful combination of Business Process Management and Business Activity Monitoring.

ARIS for NetWeaver contains a consistent description of the process architecture-from enterprise process models to implementation of the processes by SAP Solution Manager, the integration of executable processes in SAP XI, and the applications with SAP Business Workflow.

Some of the key benefits of using ARIS at a glance would be :-

  • Get a clear understanding of your process architecture as a starting point for SAP ESA.
  • Alignment of business, configuration and service process in one common repository.
  • Intuitive and user friendly user interface
  • Decentralized Design For centralized optimization
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in all locations due to the Web Based Front end.
  • Proven , extendable methods for various areas of application
  • Highly scalable architecture.

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