Archive Checkered Flag: Why Optim wins the Data Archival Race ?

Posted by Pon ArunKumar Ramalingam
August 17th, 2007

Last week, I had been to a get-together wherein my friends had arranged for a meeting. People from different technology backgrounds were amongst the young energetic crowd. I remember discussing about some of the technical aspects in the present corporate world. One of the discussion was about archiving data : There was a wide misconception that performing database backups were referred to as data archival,… Infact that’s only one of the true factors. Moving on to the reasons behind archival is not only the need for a backup but for improving the performance.

As a first step people tend to move towards database optimization (Rule based or Cost Based), even then if there is no improvement in the database performance – Data Archival is the only solution.Having decided to go for database archival, there are a lot of products / Tools available in the market.

One of such Tools is the Princeton Softec’s Optim – Data Archival Tool. The Tool attracts the users with one of its four best processes – the Restore Process. Not all data archival tool concentrates in restoring the original data after the data archive. Optim has a feature of restoring the original data that was archived even before couple of years.And also even when the datamodel changes, archived data can be restored. Even if the archived data is corrupted the original data is restorable.Having known about Optim’s unique feature.Let me provide its brief overview.

Optim constitutes of four basic processes,

  1. Archive Process
  2. Delete Process
  3. Restore Process
  4. Browse Utility

Archival of data can be performed on any of the modules of Peoplesoft. Some of the reasons which urge the Peoplesoft users to move to data archival are

  • Frustration of business users trying to complete the on-line Peoplsoft functions.
  • Employees unable to access pay cheque information.
  • Peoplesoft Payroll users unable to enter required employee data information in order to meet timeliness

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