Analytics, its Personal, next killer app in personal computing!

Posted by Muneeswara C Pandian
May 18th, 2009

In parallel to what we have Analytics solution for Business functions, an Analytics application that enables analysis of the data collected as part of a ‘computer user’ daily activity is ‘Personal Analytics’.

Will Personal Analytics benefit the Business Analytics and a corporate?
A user consumes business analytics applications to understand the performance of the business process in which he is involved. To a larger extent, greater usage of any existing analytics application is driven by the user themselves in the course of their interactions and understanding of the business process. Hence by having a user who can understand about the activities (related to business) he has performed and being able to easily relate to his past tasks would enable him to demand more from the business analytics system.

Why ‘Personal Analytics’, will it happen now?
The current form of a Business Intelligence system in terms of the architecture, processes and technologies has got evolved because of the following two aspects that happened during the course of computer system evolution.
1. Increase in the volume of data collection
2. Increase in the touch points by which data got collected

A case for Personal Analytics
1. Raise in personal data volume: There has been a drastic increase in the volume of data that can be stored in a Personal Computer and our data asset is continuously increasing. We already have systems with quarter of a Terabyte, having a Terabyte storage is not far away.
2. Increase in the tools through which we capture information: Over the years we have got exposed to many electronic formats to capture data like spreadsheets, documents, emails and other online means like blogs, chats, twitter etc, more channels are to get added.

There are two key things that is requried to deliver the Personal Analytics solution
1. First, a well defined solution that can aggregate and present the information
2. Second, a personal computer powerful enough that can help in the analysis process

The good news is that we are seeing some developments
Components like Google Desktop which has been in existence since 2004 and upcoming products like Email Analytics Xobni are paving way for ‘Personal Analytics’ application to happen sooner.

Also we are at the verge of owning powerful personal supercomputer, Telsa is a personal supercomputer by Nvidia, to be mass produced by Dell.

Very soon we need to have a ‘Personal Analytics’ application that is delivered long with Windows and Mac. The change Office applications and Internet browsers got is enormous, all these tools enabled us to do more…now we are looking for a tool ‘Personal Analytics’ that would enable us to learn more from what we have done….

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