An interesting new feature - Peoplesoft Company Directory 9.1

Posted by Vijayakumar Chinnasamy
September 24th, 2010

Couple of days ago (21 Sep, 2010), during the Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, Oracle announced a new feature for the HCM 9.1 Product. It is called Company Directory 9.1. You can view couple of screenshots in the Oracle Blog Post Link below.

I found the feature quite interesting. As you are aware, most of the (I think almost all) HRMS implementations covers most of the employees  in any Organization. When you consider implementing an Enterprise Directory such as  Sun Java System Directory, there are lot of things needs to be done.

I was checking for “Company Directory 9.1”  feature documentation earlier today and found that the documentation is not hosted online. May be I should download the product from eDelivery and give it a try – but dont have bandwidth to work on that now.

As you are aware, Peoplesoft Directory Interface is a feature already available and some of our customers are already using them. For HCM product suite, Directory Interface supports major LDAP Directories. Earlier this product used to be called PDI (Peoplesoft Directory Interface). Now they call it just “Directory Interface”. This is a feature already available with HCM 9.1 and on earlier versions.

HCM’s Directory interface allows building an Enterprise Directory for your organization. Using Directory Interface, you can populate and push Directory information from HRMS System. So, I need to check what is this new feature all about and how it can be integrated with other LDAP Directories (if possible). I will write more about these once we have more information.

It sounds like Company Directory is a good feature to know about. Many of our customers may like to know about it.

You can read about the Oracle Announcements in below links:

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Oracle Press Release  announces Peoplesoft Enterprise Company Directory 9.1 and Peopletools 8.51

Also, there is a blog post in Oracle Blogs by Jay Richey:

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