AdventureWorks 2000 and SQL Server 2005

Posted by Pon ArunKumar Ramalingam
July 30th, 2008

Wow !!! It was Lewis Hamilton in India – On hearing the news I almost thought he was in india for the inauguration of our formula one circuit at Delhi or Hyderabad. But later heard that it was for a commercial deal. Ok Friends, Here I am today trying to explain some of the activities that needs to be performed for attaching the AdventureWorks2000 database to SQL Server 2005.

What is AdventureWorks Database? – Microsoft provides a sample database for demonstration of various functional as well as technical aspects of a business need. An excerpt from microsoft website reads ‘The purpose of AdventureWorks Databases is to demonstrate best practices for designing an integrated enterprise-class schema, and provide a sample database for that schema’. This database is not automatically installed with SQL Server Express.

Now, having known little about what AdventureWorks is, let us get into the details of downloading the database and attaching it to the SQL Server 2005.

By accessing the microsoft download center, download Adventure Works Database 2000.msi and install.Once installed, the file AdventureWorks2000_Data.mdf gets loaded into the specific MSSQL folder within the program files whose path could always be found by a windows search. Having performed this activity, one could follow the procedure present in microsoft’s msdn page. The very first issue when executing the command SQLCMD -S (local)\sqlexpress -E in the Visual Studio 2008 command prompt is unable to remote in to the server error. Inorder to enable the remote connectivity, we need to perform the setup in SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration. After the surface area configurations for services and connections are setup with the help of microsoft’s support, we would be able to attach the Adventureworks 2000 database for our testing and learning process. And always the best way to test the above activity is to verify whether the database is attached or not.

For all the people who are new to MSSQL, Hope this gives you an heads up on what AdventureWorks 2000 is ? and how it could be installed in SQL Server 2005 ?.

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