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April 11th, 2011

Everyone knows that automated testing can save insurance companies time and money. The testing processes become less error-prone and test execution windows become smaller, larger data volumes can be used to more test scenarios in a shorter period of time. Automated testing is great for regression testing as it helps you to quickly confirm that functionality developed for new releases has not in some way adversely affected your existing policy or claims administration functionality.

Not everyone knows that insurance companies might be losing money by implementing test automation in an inefficient manner.

You may be repeatedly creating automated test scripts for controls reused on multiple screens. To give a very simplistic example, if you have got an automated script to test address capture controls for a broker screen, you certainly don’t want to build it all over again when testing address controls on any other partner related screen.

You may be wasting effort building scripts for testing common business processes. Automated test scripts for key standard functions on vanilla installation of the product might be procured at a low price. You could easily reuse these with only minimal changes which reflect the difference between the way you do business and the way your competition does and thereby save a great deal of money on test script development effort.

We suggest that you look out for a good Business Process testing accelerator when buying a test automation product. Such products can save you time and effort that you would otherwise expend on developing automated test scripts which are already cheaply available. Hexaware supplies outstanding 3rd generation test accelerators built on HP software to its insurance customers. These include accelerators for SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel etc. You can read more about these at

Hexaware has recently come up with a BPT test accelerator based on the above principles for the eBaoTech General Policy Administration System. The value proposition of this BPT accelerator is  as below

  • Non-technical “Building-Block” approach to test design – non-technical Subject Matter Experts (SME) can easily assemble test scenarios by assembling out of box business components built for auto industry functionality on eBaoTech GS using “drag-and-drop”
  • Automatic creation and upload of reusable components – Hexaware’s User Interface Scanner automatically discovers metadata specific to your eBaoTech GS instance and creates additional components automatically. This is very useful to keep track of new components that get created as the application evolves and moves away from the vanilla configuration and it can save months in test development time.
  • Easy Integration Testing – Inbound and Outbound interfaces to and from eBaoTech GS with any application (Legacy or web-based) can be automated using the BPT accelerator.
  • Repeatable and reusable – Pre-built components are easily uploaded and fully integrated with a centralized test management tool in minutes.
  • Elimination of up-front development time – It enables your testing teams to begin test design process earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Reusable library of scripts cuts Test Maintenance costs and reduces the time taken to assemble new functional test scenarios.

To summarize BPT accelerators from Hexaware for the eBaoTech system and ERPs like PeeopleSoft, Siebel and SAP are a worthwhile investment. These products emphasize reuse of prebuilt business processes and automate discovery of changes to components thereby saving you dollars in the test development process.

Comments (2)

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