Core value depicting Cool nature

We are 30+, yet we think like a startup in going the extra mile for the client. Open to ideas and innovation, our agile teams focus on customer-centric solutions in an environment made for learning and growth. We carry our cool demeanor with ease and this reflects in everything, from our brand identity to our actions.

Core value depicting disruption

Our engagements have always been about redefining and re-imagining the overall customer experience to fast-track business transformation. We have a head start in embracing digital disruption for growth. While traditional players fear adopting automation lest they cannibalize their own revenues, we have treaded the bold path and constantly delivered results.

Core value depicting highly passionate
Highly Passionate

We have a deep-rooted passion for helping customers achieve business transformation through automation and digital experiences. We tap into our unique initiatives like Bottom Up Disruption to gain collective intelligence of Hexaware’s talent for accelerating customer success. We are committed to making Hexaware a great place to work leading to a passionate and engaged workforce.

Core value depicting fearless attitude
Fearless attitude

We foster a culture of setting our own capability benchmarks and raising the bar every time. Not deterred by the size of our competitors, we as a team, learn to embrace our fears as a collective. In an era where traditional players fear the loss that automation can cause, we are willing to cannibalize our own revenues for mutual success and an enduring relationship with our customers.

Core value depicting Anchored in the past
Anchored in the Past

The collective wisdom of 30+ years helps us reflect and ideate big, grow with experience, push boundaries, learn from setbacks and embrace change. We have the industry’s best leadership team on-board walking in tandem with our experienced leaders from the past. Every day we are one step closer to becoming the first IT services company in the world where half the workforce is digital.

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