Warehouse Analytics

Warehouse Analytics

No matter what product (shippers) or service (providers) your business offers, one of your primary goals is undoubtedly customer satisfaction. Do you face scenarios like these?

  • The part not likely to reach the assembly line / dealer in time resulting in higher transportation cost / opportunity loss? Were there documentation deficiencies at the port which caused the delay or were trucks not positioned in time for the delivery.
  • Did your chocolates reach life expired or your fashion-line range did not reach the retail shelf in time due to delays in the logistics service? Was the lag at the port the reason for it or was it handling inefficiency at the warehouse.
  • Does your logistics cost need pruning but you are not able to break it down to specific areas which need to be focused on? Are there some products / commodities which are increasing the logistics cost or is it one location which is causing the spike in overall costs.

Find all the above answers and more through our logistics KPI and analytics tool.

In a Global environment Logistics is no longer a cost center but a strategic component in delivering customer satisfaction. Achieving a consistent logistics output in the complex network poses a major challenge. On the other hand every problem has an opportunity attached.

Are you able to pin point what the problem is and thus the opportunity. Our tool will help you to generate the opportunities.

Logistics measurements empower organizations to take informed corrective actions and thus exploit every opportunity. Building, deployment and management of accurate KPI for logistics is a tedious, time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially when combined with excessive data. Our Warehouse Analytics tool helps ensure optimum usage of available data in a structured manner to support your business decisions and allows the user to monitor and control various Key Performance Indicators through a single window.

It helps you to predict:-

  • Resource requirements for expected loads
  • Space availability for anticipated arrivals.
  • Supplier accuracy performance
  • Supplier / Commodity level estimated delays at ports to enable planning and controlling demurrage charges.

Technical – Ready to launch

  • Options of Push and Pull technology for data
  • Data extraction is done using BODS
  • Reporting is done on SAP version 3.1 Xcelsius / Webi / BO Explorer
  • Can be customized to customer’s BI platforms of choice for ETL & reporting/dashboard.
  • Customer input data sources in other platforms can also be integrated.
  • Pre-Built Connectors Across Host Systems with option of excel interfaces
  • Prebuilt data models , Business metrics and scenarios
  • Prebuilt data loaders and reports
  • Prebuilt connectors from excel feeds

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