The Hexaware Technology Strategy Consulting Group assesses different technology strategies for clients. These strategies are then structured – through strategic, architectural, operational and implementation roadmaps – to complement business goals and objectives. They are then intelligently integrated with our technological expertise and domain knowledge to drive business growth for the client. Hexaware has demonstrated capabilities in delivering business transformations through multiple legacy modernization and BPO engagements with leading global clients.

The consulting service broadly includes Offshore Advisory, Rationalization Advisory and Architectural Consulting.

Technology Consulting Services

  • IT Roadmap and Portfolio Rationalization
  • Enterprise Architecture and Planning
  • Application Architecture Strategy and Design
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Security Architecture

Business Transformation through Technology Strategy

Our services are offered to clients with needs ranging from development of offshore strategies, improving efficiencies of technology investment, cost control as well as achieving Business Transformations. We help our clients define and execute plans for investments that optimize the Total Cost of Ownership. Some of the benefits to clients include:

  • Enabling the move to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform
  • Leveraging BPO effectively through our global service delivery models and integrated IT-BPO offerings
  • Increasing the ability to use technology in more places, more innovatively
  • Making the enterprise more agile so it can respond to changes or new opportunities in the market faster

Our aim is to utilize our deep knowledge of technology to help clients in situations such as these:

  • There is a lack of alignment of technology with business objectives
  • IT investments focus on short-term benefits and do not leverage its potential to deliver long-term business value
  • The ratio of business value derived to cost incurred is not satisfactory
  • Managing spaghetti architecture that has resulted from heterogeneous systems and add-ons and incremental enhancements to applications over the years
  • Inability of legacy systems to address the growing business needs
  • Huge total cost of ownership

Value Proposition

The Banking and Financial services segment at Hexaware offers end-to-end IT-BPO services for leading global banks by bringing together its rich experience in the Banking and Financial areas and its expertise in Analytics. Our experience includes:

  • Equips you by understanding the risks and critical success factors before off shoring
  • Helps analyze and consolidate your technology portfolio
  • Eliminates heterogeneity and redundancy
  • Measures business impact and aligns technology with business by leveraging domain and technology centers of excellence

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