Application Transformation Services

With the emergence of the cloud, instant innovation and scale will be the key drivers for business, in the near future. No wonder studies predict that cloud spending will grow by 25% in the next few years, to go over $100 Billion.

Mobility and cloud technologies are enabling services to be available – anywhere and anyplace.

We help our clients to architect applications based on modern digital technologies and using our proven migration approaches, technology expertise and tools while retaining the client’s intellectual investment in proven business processes.

Predictive Customer Engagement Services

Our Offering: Re-engineer client’s customer experience platform to increase customer loyalty by 30% and customer advocacy by 20%.

The new age customer has evolved due to unlimited access to information, ability to share personal experiences, and demand personalized and relevant attention. With the customer being the spotlight, we need to ensure that all interactions with the customer are coordinated, meaningful and effective.

Digital Assets Management

Our Offering: Achieve a whole new dimension of media asset management by using a central, intelligent platform for faster and efficient exchange of data with employees, customers and consumers, thereby attain greater stakeholder satisfaction.

Enormous volumes of structured and unstructured data have compelled businesses to find better ways to manage the data across its entire life cycle – creation, transformation and retention.

Rapid and efficient access to this information, which provides insights to create immersive digital experiences across web, mobile and social channels, is the need of the hour.

With our services, we seamlessly integrate with the existing enterprise:

Digital Product Conceptualization & Design

Payments are now made from mobile devices and there is no need to carry cash or cards.

Customers perform all banking transactions – right from account opening to account balance checking to money transfer activities online.

Insurance companies provide online customer services such as logging customer cases, uploading related documentation, providing approvals as well as reimbursements.

All these activities are automated due to availability of digital products. Our engagement will help the client to conceptualize and build similar products for improving customer services for better gains.

Our services for creation of new products and services include:

Sustenance and Testing of Software Products

We make sure that the client’s digital solution is usable so that customers gain experiences which are above their expectations resulting in gaining value for the client and higher revenues.

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