Agile DevOps

Organizations need to be nimble to stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment. As a result, CIOs are under immense pressure to deliver high quality technology products quickly and cost-effectively. As businesses and industries evolve, it is critical to leverage innovative technologies and deliver applications that can successfully meet new business imperatives and customer demands. However, softwares developed using the conventional waterfall method pose several challenges. These methods rely on legacy systems lacking flexibility and adaptability resulting in complex processes and long delivery cycles. This not only restricts organizations’ ability to meet growing expectations of quality but also escalates costs due to maintenance and upgrades.

Organizations need to adopt agile development methods to deliver high quality solutions on time and within budget. Agile software development enables greater collaboration between business and IT through iterative development, frequent inspection, and adaptation. This helps accelerate time-to-market, reduce project risk, increase productivity, and optimize ROI.

Hexaware’s Agile DevOps offering offering is designed to help businesses respond to market changes faster and improve software development efficiency. By leveraging our mature processes, industry best practices, frameworks, tools, and governance model, we offer a comprehensive and integrated enterprise product life cycle management solution. We help enterprises achieve IT agility while improving quality and productivity.

What we offer

Our HexaAgile DevOps model starts with assessment and progresses to operations supporting DevOps. Our services are grouped under three key categories: Consulting, Execution and Assurance as shown in Figure 1, to offer comprehensive support throughout the development cycle. It also covers application development, ASM, coaching, tools suite selection, continuous integration, testing, delivery, and release management. This model includes hardware provisioning which is the foundation for an Agile Distributed Delivery Center (DDC).

Consulting Execution Assurance
  • Agile DevOps maturity and readiness assessment. We offer a 2-day free assessment on contract signoff.
  • Agile DevOps-based Distributed Delivery Center (DDC) roadmap creation
  • Feasibility study for setting up a continuous integration, automation testing and delivery model
  • Definition and implementation of a scrum coaching strategy
  • Agile DevOps-based DDC to achieve the optimum agility and cost benefits
  • Program ownership to ensure effective distribution and continuous delivery
  • Enterprise or program transformation to Agile DevOps
  • Continuous integration, automation testing, and delivery framework creation
  • Agile DevOps coaching including review and support
  • Identification of priority cloud use cases for the apps hybrid-portfolio strategy
  • Testing and development of existing apps and development & maintainenance of new apps
  • Creation of dashboards to display burn down, velocity & control charts, epic, sprint, and version reports
  • Agile DevOps-based ASM, legacy modernization, upgrade, and tech refresh
  • Recommendation of appropriate application development methodology based on application type
  • Classification of projects and products into quick, agile, iterative, and waterfall delivery methodologies
  • Scrum audits
  • Functional testing
  • Compliance, security, and compatibility
  • Automation regression, performance
  • Mobile application testing

Figure 1. Hexaware’s Agile DevOps Service Portfolio

Value additions:

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