Address today’s IT support needs and transform your application portfolio to enable tomorrow’s business with our Application Managed Services (AMS) solution-ValueASM.

In today’s complex and ever-changing business environment, organizations face the dual challenge of reducing the operational cost of ongoing support for their highly integrated, complex systems and staying relevant and responsive to market demands at the same time.

Recent years have witnessed an increasing adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. When making application decisions, business managers prefer packaged and SaaS solutions. Diverse skills are required to support and maintain the ever-growing portfolio of applications.

ValueASM is a flexible AMS solution designed to address application support needs for SaaS, COTS and custom applications, and can be tailored to specific operational and strategic requirements.

We partner with clients to support their IT needs and strategically transform their business, which results in stable applications, up to 30% reduction in operational costs and an up-to-date application portfolio.

What We Offer

Hexaware’s comprehensive ValueASM solution covers all service desk, application operations, production support, maintenance & enhancement, and service management needs. We also have expertise in managing on-premise, cloud/SaaS and hybrid application platforms.

Hexaware offers a cost-effective onsite-nearshore-offshore delivery model with a 24×7 and all modes of support options that maintain business continuity.

Hexaware’s optimum organization size ensures a strong customer focus, the highest levels of commitment from Hexaware’s senior management and shortened decision cycles, along with the required scalability.

ValueASM uses the following six themes to deliver value to the customer:

How It Works

We systematically engage with clients through four incremental engagement life-cycle phases -Diagnosis, Transition, Optimization and Transformation.

In the Diagnosis phase, our portfolio analysis toolkit (PAT+) strategically assesses client’s application portfolio. This assessment provides the client with a business model, a rollout strategy and an engagement model.

In the Transition phase, our Transition Toolkit ensures an accelerated and risk-free transition of application support from client’s or the incumbent vendor’s team to the Hexaware team. The Transition Toolkit is a result of more than 500 successful transitions that we have performed for our customers. It comprehensively covers the knowledge and responsibility transfer aspects of service, business, and technology & people transitions.

In the Application Portfolio Optimization phase, by using integrated service management approach and through proven service, delivery and service improvement practices, we enable our customers to save up to 30% of their operational costs.

Optimization Toolkit includes services, proprietary tools and accelerators that optimize costs and improve service delivery.

The Optimization Toolkit is continuously refined and at a high level contains the following:

In the Transformation phase, we innovate processes, systems and technologies to make the application support more agile, predictive and responsive. Hexaware has helped customers transform their IT landscapes through its Digital WorkplaceDevOpsApplication Transformation and Hyper Convergence offerings while providing ongoing application support.

Our Value ASM solution goes beyond the traditional ASM definitions and, through a set of differentiators, delivers the below-mentioned business results to customers:

Customer Success Stories