Reusable Test Suite

Reusable Test Suite

The Claims processing lifecycle is one of the most challenging business processes in the healthcare industry. Poor claims processing, be it due to the long processing time or claims denial, leads to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.

Hexaware’s Claims Processing Testing IP suite includes:

  • Extensive functional test suite with reusable business components
  • Easy customization of existing scenarios
  • Maximum test coverage and traceability of requirements
  • Reduced test planning and design effort resulting in cost savings
  • End to end business scenarios which would be the core of any claim processing system

All the major functionalities in the Claim processing lifecycle are captured as business components and these components are effectively used for creation / modification of end to end scenarios as and when the system changes.

Readymade Test Scenario for Insurance

This solution not only enables effective manual testing of any Claim system application, it also adds value by providing a jump start to the automation process.

Key Tangible Benefits

  • Extensive coverage of claims processing functionality reviewed by Industry experts
  • Ready to use generic scenarios which lead to saving time & effort up to 80%
    • Jump start requirements gathering process
    • Leverage a comprehensive repository of customizable, pre-built business scenarios
    • Standardization of core business process
  • Achieve higher degree of requirements stability
  • Quick identification of Test Scenarios

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