Warehouse Analytics

Warehouse Analytics

Date: July 11, 2011


Learn how our Warehouse Analytics Tool can help enhance Operational Performance with Increased Revenue

Success factors in managing multiple warehouses in a multi-tenant environment lie not only in understanding the clients' business, but also in ensuring the effective utilization of the infrastructure. Our Warehouse Analytics tool helps ensure optimum usage of available data in a structured and productive manner to support your business decisions. The tool uses consolidation techniques to help centralise data points from various sources. This allows the user to monitor and control various Key Performance Indicators through a single window.


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Space: Ensures optimum mix of shipment subject to availability of infrastructure via
    • Shipment Allocation
    • Cube Utilisation
    • Re-Alignment of Locations
  • Customer Service:Ensures shipment transparency and logistics between the sender, receiver and handler to excel in committed schedule via
    • Response Time – Order to Delivery
    • Hit Rates – Order Fill Rates
    • Shipment Tracing
  • Resource: Ensures effective resource effort mapping
    • Labour
    • Equipment
    • Utility

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