MRO Analytics to achieve your performance goals

MRO Analytics to achieve your performance goals

Event Date: 12/01/2012

Get analytical insights from your maintenance legacy data in eight (8) weeks, using dashboards that enable quicker decision making. Hexaware’s MRO Analytics pack seamlessly integrates with your current systems and reporting platforms to support your critical decisions in a matter of weeks. Learn more about it in our webinar on Jan 12, 2012 featuring demo and interactive sessions with experts in Business Analytics.

Your key business objectives of lowering operational cost, prioritisation, budget allocation and improved performance can be better achieved with our MRO Business Analytics solution which is easily adaptable to your environment and needs.

Hexaware’s Analytics pack, a web-based modular suite designed for Airlines and MRO providers aims to help your decision making with Analytical Dashboards designed for easy maneuverability and real-time details.

The webinar brings you details on:

  •  BI Trends Across Industry
  •  Enabling Analytics Dashboards for your MRO Business in 8 weeks
  •  MRO Analytics Application Demo
  •  BI Road Map for MRO Industry

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