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Reporting Capabilities

Reporting Capabilities

Hexaware’s Reporting Capabilities enable Global Financial Institutions, Fund Managers, Investment Managers, Institutional Asset Managers, and Mutual Fund Managers to make enhanced business decisions by providing across-the-board reporting capabilities which delivers timely and relevant data in a consumable format.

Hexaware has been helping its clients for their various reporting needs such as:

    • Performance Reporting: performance reporting options for evaluating the performance of assets in relation to their client universe and respective benchmarks. Some of such reports are:
      • Performance Reports
      • Performance Attribution
      • Performance Detail Report
      • Performance Graph Report
      • Statement of Changes Report
      • Total Portfolio Overview – Performance summary
    • Risk Analytics: help risk office in preventing fraud and optimize response to regulatory reporting. Small sample of such reports is:
      • Average Report
      • VaR Calculations
      • Compliance Reporting: Compliance reporting covers a wide range of industry and governmental regulations. Small sample of such reports is:
        • Transaction Reconciliation Report
        • Client Audit Report
        • Tax Reports
      • Client Reporting: These reports are customized based on the requirements and are sent to the clients on predefined regular intervals. Few of such reports are:
        • Forward Contract Activity, Trade Cash Activity, Settled Cash Activity
        • Corporate Action Announcements, entitlements etc.
        • Open Trade – Purchase / Sales
        • Portfolio Transaction Details / Summary
        • Portfolio Holding / Characteristics Summary
        • Accounting and Income Summary
      • Internal Reporting: Various reports are generated internally for different purposes defined by the stakeholders. Small sample of such reports is:
        • Journal, Ledger and Sub-Ledger Reports
        • Amortization Summary Report
        • Realized / Unrealized Gain-Loss report
        • Dividend and Other Income Expense
        • Fixed and Variable Expense – Summary

Hexaware's Repository of 50+ Performance Reports

The Hexaware experience includes various types of capabilities to induct reporting needs, such as upload any kind of data (XLS, CSV, HTML etc.), Data Movement from any database and application (in-house as well as third party products), Multiple kind of representation (Tables, charts, pivots), large stack of development platforms, Analytics on the collated data, Dashboard etc.

Hexaware offers services in below Key Areas of Investment Management Reporting:

      • End-to-End implementation of reporting solutions for optimal scalability and report performance using best practices and report factory model
      • Dynamic and ad-hoc reporting solutions
      • Metadata management
      • Product based reporting framework
      • Data Mart implementation
      • Flexible distribution methods and export formats
      • Client Reporting
      • 24 x 7 Support of reporting platforms
      • A library of best practices based investment management reports

Enhancing Leadership experience

The dashboards and reports Hexaware has been producing have been helping the clients in multiple dimensions:

      • The reports allow users to run the reports / dashboards on various types of devices such as laptops, tablets, ipad etc. gives them mobility and ease of use
      • Multidimensional reports help users to generate the user centric and related information
      • Drill-down and Roll-up facilities allow users to see the trends at various levels of hierarchy
      • Hexaware has been providing very Data Security inbuilt in report generation process to restrict the information to the relevant users
      • Hexaware has been appreciated for helping customers in:
        • Up to 30% reduction in cost
        • up to 50% reduction in utility usage
        • Gaining up to 25% in overall performance
        • Increasing efficiency by 30% in client handling

Hexaware has built Analytics for Investment Management (AIM) Dash-boarding Toolkit which delivers, holistic view of Portfolio, Performance and Risk. The dashboards harness a wide range of powerful features including pivot tables, filters, styles and charts.

Key Offerings of the AIM Dash-boarding Toolkit:

      • Solves the problem of traditional warehouse
      • 360 degree view of Portfolio, Performance and Risk
      • Subject oriented dimensional model; supports ad-hoc, self-service and dash-boarding capabilities.
      • Independent of the Business Intelligence platform
      • Leverage In- Memory Analytic Tools for Quicker Access of data
      • Adapters to standard products like Eagle PACE

Reporting Landscape:

Business Area CoverageReporting CoverageProducts SupportedTechnologies
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance
  • Portfolio
  • Operational
  • Valuation
  • Revenue
  • Performance
  • Accounting
  • Analytics
  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Eagle
  • Charles River
  • Murex
  • Calypso
  • Bloomberg
  • SunGard
  • Blackrock
  • Cognos
  • Business Objects
  • Crystal Reports
  • Actuate
  • Hyperion
  • MS-SQL Reporting Services
  • Active Reports
  • Jasper
  • MicroStratergy

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