Core Banking Test Suite

Core Banking Test Suite

Hexaware Quality Assurance and Testing services division (QATS)

Want to prevent unplanned down time? Improve software quality? And optimize your testing costs? Hexaware can help. Our retail banking solution, with its well-established Intellectual Property (IP), caters to all testing requirements in this domain. The IP has specifically been developed for Banks, Financial Institutions using Banking Solutions, and Investment and Wealth Management organizations.

Core Benefits:

  • Quality: Enhanced delivery confidence due to fewer defects in production and defect leakage less than 2%
  • Cost: Cost Optimization across board with Cost Saving of 40%
  • Time: Reduction in testing cycle time by almost 60% enabling faster time to market

Value Propositions

  • Better Requirements
    • Test-based requirements review for gaps
    • High requirement stability
    • Jump start requirement gathering process
  • Comprehensive and Flexible testing solution
    • Proven test coverage
    • Standardization of core business processes
    • Extensive coverage of functionalities, reviewed by Industry experts
    • Flexible enough to account for channel variations
  • Less Time, Money and Hassle
    • Reduction in time to market
    • Reduction in test planning and test design effort
    • User-friendly and tool export format
    • Reduction in business users effort
  • Faster, cheaper and easier
    • Reduction in time to market
    • Reduction in test planning and test design effort
    • User friendly and tool export format
    • Reduction in Business users effort

Retail Banking IP Features – Accelerate Testing Approach

Our Retail Banking IP helps get you up and running faster and more efficiently.  Features include:

    • Fully integrated business model testing
    • Comprehensive set of ready-made test scenarios for entire retail banking suite – reusable test scenarios
    • 2000+ scenarios, 4000+ test cases
    • Region, Product and Platform independent
    • Scenarios/cases are generalized and cover normal banking functionalities
    • Provides a platform to develop detailed test cases specific to banking products
    • Customization to suit the individual application or customer needs
    • Test scenarios can be exported to any testing tool and are also available as spreadsheets

Proven expertise. End-to-end capabilities. Discover how you can get better business results and gain a competitive advantage with Hexaware’s Quality Assurance and Testing Services (QATS).

Contact us today to discover about our Quality Assurance and Testing Services (QATS) and our achievements.

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