PeopleSoft Testing Kit

PeopleSoft Testing Kit

The main challenge in PeopleSoft Testing mainly relates to unclear requirements and large leads times that require a solution that will accelerate the testing process. Hexaware Quality Assurance and Testing Services division (QATS) PeopleSoft Testing Kit comes as a panacea, a jump-start that accelerates testing from initiation to sign off.

This testing kit contains ready-to-use test scenarios, cases and tools that would help organizations achieve faster time-to-market, reduce testing cost and improved quality by integrating people experience, technology and processes.

Core Benefits

  • Achieve near-zero defect leakage
  • Achieve cost savings of more than 50%
  • Slash cycle time and increase test execution productivity by over 70%
  • Increase test coverage by over 200%

Value Propositions

Hexaware Quality Assurance and Testing Services division (QATS)

Unique PeopleSoft testing value propositions are

  • Dedicated PeopleSoft Testing Practice with over 100 + PeopleSoft test resources
  • Comprehensive set of manual test scenarios for major modules of PeopleSoft HR and Financial product lines
  • Independent of regions, products and platforms
  • Jumpstarts the testing activity with traceability to the functional requirements
  • BPT Accelerators allow non-technical Subject Matter Experts (SME) to create fully functional end-to-end business process tests
  • Pre-built components are easily uploaded to an HP Quality Center environment in minutes
  • Enables your testing teams to begin the test design process earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

PeopleSoft Testing Kit – Solution Roadmap

Our PeopleSoft Testing Kit accelerators encompass the entire paradigm of the Testing life cycle from planning, design, execution to test automation and performance testing backed by the Hex Test Model of testing processes, methodologies, standards, templates and checklists. As much as 200% test coverage is possible with 50% less effort using our accelerator framework

Phase Upgrade Kit
Test Planning Phase
  • PeopleSoft Testing Strategy
  • Data Migration Test Strategy
  • PeopleSoft – Test Automation Strategy
Test Design Phase
  • PeopleSoft Test Suite IP
Test Execution Phase
  • ‘HexCompare’ for database / file / text comparison
  • Akiva – Data Masking Tool
Test Automation
  • PeopleSoft BPT Accelerator
Performance Testing
  • Performance Requirements – Information Gathering checklist
  • Performance test strategy for PeopleSoft Upgrades
  • Ready Reckoner for Monitoring and Analyzing PeopleSoft performance issues

The primary testing enablers in the above defined solution roadmap include

  • More than 700+ test scenarios and 3000+ test cases across PeopleSoft HRMS and Financials
  • Availability of more than 30% reusable test scripts on “Day 1″ of the engagement
  • The “HexCompare tool” that compares files / databases/ reports between PeopleSoft versions during upgrades reducing cycle time by 60% without compromising on quality
  • Proprietary BPT Accelerator solution with custom framework and tools to integrate with and optimize HP mercury testing tools that helps accelerate test automation
  • Our “HexEconomy” Performance Test solution that offers a low-cost performance testing option of PeopleSoft and is used for generating unlimited load
  • Our Data Masking solution “AKIVA” that helps in implementing data security guidelines, without comprising data integrity

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