Shared Services

Organizations across the globe are on the lookout for cost effective quality solutions that provide greater flexibility , minimize cost with faster delivery turnaround time. Hexaware provides PeopleSoft Shared Services that allow organizations to significantly reduce development costs while enhancing quality delivery and process management.

Hexaware shared service model for PeopleSoft, presents a unique service delivery model providing a compelling proposition of additional cost savings of 20 – 30% for our clients.

Hexaware’s “PeopleSoft Shared Services” solutions combines the strength of our globally recognized PeopleSoft expertise, highly experienced resource pool and our vast Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) experience to significantly increase flexibility, productivity and savings.

The shared service offering includes Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 application support, spanning:

  • Functional support for all modules of PeopleSoft
  • Technical Development and enhancement support

Customer Benefits

  • Cost Savings of more than 40%
  • Reduced costs due to lower maintenance & per ticket cost
  • Rapid reinforcement of client workforce to meet tight deadlines
  • Reduced exposure to skill retention challenges
  • 24/7 support

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