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Middle Office Capabilities

Middle Office Capabilities

Hexaware has a strong domain & technical experts working with Global Investment Managers in Middle Office Functions. The team brings rich experience in Middle office functions like Risk Management, P&L Calculation and Position Management.

Hexaware offers services in below Key Areas of Middle Office:

  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Reconciliation Capabilities

Risk Management

Hexaware focuses on providing tailored Risk Management and Compliance solutions to Asset Management companies, Capital Market participants, Banks and Financial institutions worldwide by imbibing best practices of the industry. We work with CROs, CIOs and CFOs, and their organizations to deliver innovative solutions in the areas of Risk and Compliance. Our resources include practitioners/ industry leaders in credit risk, market risk, operational risk and structured finance. Many of our resources possess advanced degrees in Risk, Finance with many possessing certifications from GARP/PRIMIA/CFA.

Reconciliation Capabilities

Hexaware resources have worked in reconciliation space and have expertise in working with Leading Reconciliation products like TLM and Eagle. Hexaware has developed an in-house reconciliation product to track and trace business data across two systems called “Verzoenen”.

By virtue of our experience in working with Leading Asset Management companies in the Reconciliation space, Hexaware has gained strong domain knowledge in Reconciliation and has handled Position, Cash, Transaction and General Ledger Reconciliation. Some of the focused areas in the reconciliation process are:

  • Investment Manager Vs. Broker
  • Reconciliation of Investment Manager System Vs. Custody System
  • Nostro Reconciliation
  • GL Reconciliation
  • Ledger / Sub Ledger Reconciliation
  • Settlements Reconciliation
  • Payments Reconciliation

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