Embracing AutoBots & ChatBots in a Real Business World

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While the digital age has opened the doors for enterprises, providing intuitive personalized experiences to its end customers (consumers); the main challenge faced by most of them during the next five years remains knowing who its consumers are, understanding their changing needs and behaviors, and staying close to them, thereby ensuring the experience they provide is sufficiently compelling to override other potential choices.

This has called upon the need to touch the consumers within multiple channels to provide a fluid interactive experience to them. One of the foremost channels for enterprises of tomorrow to engage their customers effectively are via creating their own mascots as CHATBOTS.

The Whitepaper incorporates Hexaware’s take on how to leverage BOTS in this age of automation and achieve smarter business operations in a cost-effective manner.

This Whitepaper covers:

  • Relevance of AutoBots & ChatBots
  • How ChatBots work in a real business world – An Insight
  • Evaluation Matrix & Scoring Mechanism for ChatBots
  • Example from Real World – Embracing ChatBots for Airports
  • Recommendations for Improvements
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