The Healthcare industry is undergoing a major transformation due to the challenge of providing more cost-effective personalized care.

The push towards predictable outcomes and higher quality of care is leading to convergence of Information Technology and Nano Technologies.

Healthcare is no longer being measured by the number of transactions, but instead on the outcomes of patients. This new emerging world brings many changes and opportunities:

  • Patients can become the center of the ecosystem and information follows the patient breaking down the barriers of communication.
  • Physicians can analyze genetic make-up of the patient to determine the most optimal therapy.
  • Providers can analyze millions of records in a second to determine who within their patient population is at risk and reach out to them swiftly.
  • Payers (Insurance Carriers) can help patients lead a healthier lifestyle through their personalized wellness programs.

To succeed in transforming the world’s healthcare, organizations need to act today to redefine their value and deliver better patient outcomes.

Hexaware integrates its technology expertise with industry knowledge to partner with the world’s leading healthcare and life sciences companies. Our teams bring substantial experience and compliance requirements like CGMP, CFR Part 11, Healthcare Reform (PPACA) HITECH and HIPAA.

Hexaware offers comprehensive technology and cost containment services to Payers,Providers, Accountable Care and Organizations (ACOs).

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