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Front Office Capabilities

Hexaware offers a complete range of Asset Management Solutions for Global Financial Institutions, Fund Managers, Investment Managers, Institutional Asset Managers, Mutual Fund Managers and Broker-Dealers. We deliver end-to-end solutions combining technology and a deep understanding of the business and our expertise in Trade Order management, Trade Execution, Trade Matching, Pre-Trade Compliance, Post Trade Compliance, Pricing & Analytics, Broker Integration and Custodian Integration Our teams are highly experienced on domain as well as technology and offer services ranging from Assessment, Scope definition, Strategic Analysis and Roadmap Planning to Implementation of solution.

Hexaware offers services in below Key Areas of Front Office

  • Designing of Business Process Flow
  • Trading and Order management System Implementation & Support
  • Trading and Order management System Testing

Hexaware has built the Front Office expertise underpinning our services across various financial industry segments using products like Charles River, Murex, Calypso, Bloomberg, Blackrock and FrontArena. For example:

  • Product Accelerators: Hexaware has developed test accelerators (pre-packaged test suites) for, Charles River Order management and Trading System which covers multiple trade scenarios (Buy, Sell, Merge, Split, Allocate, Trading generic securities, etc.), multiple security types that have their own trading requirements. These are pre-packaged suites of test cases that can be leveraged by clients to reduce their testing time and costs related to their enterprise applications.
  • 24 x 7 Support: Through years of experience in managing large application support engagements, Hexaware has developed certain frameworks and processes based on best practices that improve cost and efficiency of productivity.

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