OneSource Business Solutions by FocusFrame shifts the focus from IT and products to focusing on the business process as the central asset for QA activities. Once the business process is documented using HP Business Process Testing (BPT) software, the business process can drive manual and automated functional verification, performance validation and optimization activities, security verification, and application monitoring.

OneSource Business Solutions includes two adapters created by FocusFrame that enables the creation of performance, security, and application monitoring scripts by simply executing an automated BPT script. The adapters included with the solution are:

  • BPT2Performance Adapter – Use your functional test scripts to drive performance testing and application monitoring while saving hours or days in the script creation process
  • BPT2Security Adapter – Allows security and/or functional test teams to validate application security during development based on real business processes

OneSource Business Solutions also includes project management services to assist customers in the management of their Center of Excellence (CoE) using HP Center Management for Quality Center software.

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