An insurance carrier processes voluminous data. That data is spread across various systems and hence it is difficult to use for any purpose quickly. It is difficult to quickly make out the required information because of the voluminous data, improper segregation, and departmental arrangements and hence cause unprecedented delays.

Enterprise Resource Planning( ERP) is a boon to organizations that need to integrate the data in an organization under one common platform. Enterprise Resource planning software helps to integrate the data of all the departments under one common database.

At Hexaware we possess sufficient internal skills to implement ERP. Our ERP team can help you for the ERP implementation including:

  • Selecting
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Configuring/customizing
  • Testing
  • Implementation

Our Benefits

  • Leverage our 150+ project experience to gain immense time-to-market and cost advantage
  • Use our accelerators and unique methodologies to quicken upgrade/deployment time and improve application performance parameters
  • Utilize our business process expertise to deliver value to your business users through world class processes and timely support

Our Value Proposition

  • Industry’s most comprehensive ERP service and capability portfolio
  • High value offering of integrated IT-BPO
  • Practical Methodology and toolkits
  • Leveraging sound deployment methodologies, tools and accelerators to deliver value
  • Deep knowledge of business processes HR, Payroll, Financials, Supply Chain, Operations, CRM, Sales and Distribution, Analytics, BPO

To know more visit our ERP capability page.