Disruption Through Digital Managed Services

Hexaware BPS is in an enviable Goldilocks situation; we are ‘just right’ size partner for our clients. We are sizable enough to process millions of transactions and understand the domain but also small and nimble enough to not fear cannibalization of our own revenues. In addition; our focus is to pass on the benefits to the client and really involve skin in the game to deliver on the promise. Our focus is to use this fearless thinking to disrupt the market. We are calling this Digital Managed Services (DMS) where we take on the entire process, take on the risk of implementing Robotic Process Automation and provide the cost and risk benefits to the client from Day 1 of the implementation. This way we are responsible for identifying the automation potential, take over the Operations, and implement the bots. We also will focus on a select few areas to build templates and expertise in the DMS model.

3 Pillars of Digital Managed Services-

  • Operate and learn to intelligently automate
  • Use best in class platforms
  • Guarantee benefits while assuming the risk of the automation journey