Data Migration

Hexaware’s iConvert ensures perfect insurance data migrations

Insurance companies are often saddled with legacy systems and are forced to migrate to a more modern platform. The biggest challenge during such transitions lies in executing a quick, secure and smooth migration of insurance data while ensuring minimum operational disruptions and resuming services at the earliest.

How can insurance companies ensure a seamless data migration processes? With its innovative iConvert+ suite, Hexaware is well placed to deliver not only a secure and smooth transition but also an accelerated one, causing minimum disruption of business.

Hexaware iConvert+ is an advanced data migration engine built specifically for use in insurance data migration projects. It offers a/an:

  • Insurance metadata layer that improves the efficiency of migration requirement capture by enabling enhanced business communication, and better implementation of technical resources through tables and records.
  • Insurance Data Profiler that checks source and target databases to understand the scope of data migration, and calls to attention potential issues at an early stage. The profiler highlights issues related to policy classifications, deviations from rules or missing data.
  • Hexmig data migration engine that forms the technical core of iConvert+ and is responsible for generating migration codes from rules in the insurance metadata layer. The Hexmig engine reduces migration code development effort and eliminates errors caused by hand coded programs.
  • In-built reconciliation feature that takes the effort out of migration testing with technical reports that justify record counts and control totals across the migration steps, ensuring quality control over the migration process.
  • Consistency Checker that supports regression testing and integrity verification before migrated insurance data enters the target administration system. The checker compares keys and codes based on transformation rules, applies cross field validations and checks integrity of migrated data. It also generates functional reports such as broker statements, due statistics and trial balance that help in the operational report comparison.
  • Hexacompare which is an add-on data matching utility, can provide a dashboard on compared source / target data, to identify inconsistencies by comparing two sets of data with millions of records against a set of rules.

    Hexaware’s iConvert+ offers a range of benefits and choices to insurance companies that seek data migration services. We offer secure, seamless and speedy transition of your data. To do this we have multiple migration service offerings that range from lift and shift between platforms, consolidation of data from multiple administrative systems, complex conversions involving extensive revamp of product and business processes to mergers of insurance data warehouses.

    Benefits of iConvert+ migration
    iConvert+ has unique advantages that address the specific pain points of insurance companies seeking data mergers. These include:

    • Partner de-duplication and address cleaning addresses partner data quality, a major concern among insurance companies, by implementing de-duplication and address validation against USPS or equivalent national databases using address validation software in the target policy administration system as an add-on service to clean your partner data.
    • Cost savings. Direct and indirect cost benefits flow from a unified system, resulting from consolidations of policy data in addition to savings from reduced business downtime.
  • Manual migration services offering are useful in some situations where the amount of validations do not justify the business case for automated migration. Hexaware addresses these situations with its business process services division, which can provide manual data entry services.

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