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Data Migration

Data Migration

Hexaware can help you efficiently merge and migrate policy, claims and accounting data from multiple source systems into your new policy administration system with maximum confidence in the correctness of migrated information.

Follow this case study link to see why Hexaware is an excellent choice for you when implementing data migration/conversions to reduce software/hardware costs and to eliminate operational inefficiencies typically associated with multiple, redundant IT systems.

We have strong technical resources skilled in extraction and conversion of data from multiple technology platforms such as mainframes, AS/400, BTrieve and even excel. They regularly handle constraints such as unavailability of source code and absence of documentation in source systems.

Our Insurance specific migration services are summarized below:

  • Data Assessment and Migration Strategy Definition:A clear vision of migration strategy is key to success in a large conversion project. As part of this service, our insurance data conversion experts examine your policy, claims, policyholder, accounting and other business information in both source and target systems to determine the gaps in terms of volume and complexity. They will also engage with your stakeholders to determine your business priorities and your pain areas. Based on this technical assessment and these discussions with your stakeholders we help you define a result oriented conversion roadmap which outlines
    • Scope of the conversion i.e. which part of the information needs to be moved across to get the business working on new systems and which parts can be discarded. Which parts can be moved manually (e.g. using BPO services like our Caliber Point ) ? What information has to be setup by business users and what should be converted using automated scripts?
    • Transition strategy & Timelines: Our consultants understand the importance of demonstrating success fast. They will work with you to determine a product conversion release schedule that focuses on getting the most important businesses live first.
    • Testing Strategy: We help you determine the business and technical conditions that must be met at each stage to ensure that the conversion is being done correctly. For example: correct generation of premiums, valid documents, correct postings to interfacing accounting systems, matching broker statements, debtor reports and so on.
    • Rollback strategy: Your conversion consultants will propose checks and balances that would be built in the conversion process to rollback conversions with minimal end-user impact.
    • Cost: We will provide you along with the assessment report an estimate of the technical man hours and the cost of performing the conversion at prevailing rates for implementation options outlined in the assessment report.
  • Data Migration Script Development: Hexaware provides data conversion script development services at competitive rates on an onsite/ nearshore/offshore model to keep your conversion costs low. We believe in automation of development wherever possible and also in the effectiveness of repeated iterative testing with production size data extracts. The below graphic is a typical sketch of an iterative conversion followed by Hexaware for conversion of insurance data.

Automation of migration script development: 60 % of data migration scripts have a standard pattern i.e. all of them extract data from a source table, all of them load data into the target table and all of them have a mapping stage in between. Hexaware uses script generators to generate conversion programs for such source and target tables.

  • Data Migration Testing Services:
    • Functional Testing: We provide offshore/onsite testing services to check the correctness of the converted data for example
      • Comparison of premiums on renewal endorsement of equivalent policies in source and target systems
      • Validation of claims adjustment scenarios in converted claims
      • Validation of equivalent reports and so on

For our larger projects, we implement automated testing and load testing to check the behavior of the system under load and also to reduce your costs on regression testing.

Visit our QATS page to get a complete overview of our testing capability

  • Technical/Reconciliation Testing: We use reconciliation utilities to compare equivalent source and target data on the basis of mappings. This approach helps in quick identification of anomalies in source and target data. Our conversion scripts also populate a reconciliation database which helps the execution team get an up to date view on the data that causes problems during conversion and the causes of these problems.

  • Post Shipment Support Services:

Data conversion projects do not always end after the data goes live. It is common to defer conversion of ‘Good-To-Have’ information till after the business is able to start managing converted policies in claims. This conversion of data into live systems can be a delicate affair and it should ideally be performed by data conversion specialists.

Hexaware provides support teams that work with your regular support teams after go live to take care of these post go live issues and data conversion fixes.

A few success Stories

  • A specialist insurer saved 500,000 dollars in direct and indirect costs per year by consolidating policy data on 3 instances of its policy administration system to one unified system with Hexaware