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Investment Data Management

Investment Data Management

Global Financial Institutions are under enormous pressure to make better business decisions within shorter timeframes. They are challenged to produce higher quality results with less risk. There is no room for error in today’s marketplace. Poor quality and unstructured information not only impairs decision making, it makes regulatory compliance difficult and creates inefficiencies. To overcome these issues, financial institutions are required to structure their data, improve technology and business process so that they get better results and positive impact on their Return on Investment (ROI) with less risk exposure and in less cost.

Hexaware delivers end-to-end Investment Data Management solutions, combines innovative technology with a deep expertise in Market Data Feeds including Security, intraday and end-of-day pricing, corporate action and analytics, Client Data, Portfolio, Trade, Compliance and regulatory reporting, Reconciliation, Data Governance, and Big Data Management across different asset classes.

Hexaware has vast experience in Investment Data Management and delivers state-of-the-art solutions that help our clients manage their data across:

Invest Data Management

Hexaware Service Offerings

  • Managing Master Data Management (MDM) solutions-
    • Interfaces to Market data providers like Bloomberg, Reuters, Telekurs, Markit, IDC, S&P for Security and intraday/end-of-day pricing data
    • Validation, normalization and enrichment
    • Vendor hierarchy rules management
    • Golden Copy / Best of Breed data
  • Managing data needs of business solutions
    • Risk Management,
    • Client Reporting,
    • Performance Measurement & Attribution,
    • Front office systems (Order Management & Portfolio Management),
    • Accounting Systems
  • Business & Technology Architecture Consulting & Assessment(BPM)–
    • Current State Analysis,
    • Future State Definition
  • Implementation of Meta Data Modeling
    • Business Modeling
    • Technology & Process Meta Data.
    • Proprietary solutions combined with industry standard products
  • Data Quality Assessment & Implementation of Data Quality Products
    • Proprietary Tools and Frameworks
    • Industry standard products
  • Data Consolidation –
    • Dimensional Model
    • Data Warehousing / Mart
    • Structure and unstructured data (Big Data)
    • Historical and Time Series data
  • Third Party product implementations –
    • Reference Data Solutions –
      • Eagle Pace,
      • GoldenSource,
    • MDM products
      • Informatica,
      • Siperian
  • Platform Consolidations

Hexaware with its extensive experience has developed proprietary tool, which accelerate and improve process efficiency and reduce implementation efforts at least by 20%. Below is the list of Hexaware Proprietary tools and Frame works:

Hexaware Proprietary Tools / Framework ToolsFeatures
Meta data summit for Investment Business Information, Data Dictionary
Transactional recon process for identifying matches, mismatches and discrepant data
Business Intelligence – BI environment metadata foundation tool that creates semantic layers such as universes & models
XML-based query engine for Data Integration environment. It ensures ETL coding standards and locate coding errors
Metadata based analysis tool within any BI environment for determining duplicate reports , Dead variables, sub set related reports
Toolkit delivers a scalable, flexible, integrated data model improves quality, time to market for implementing dashboard, reports and analytics

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